Learn about the latest logistics trend in the aerospace industry

Undoubtedly, the aviation industry was one of the biggest affected industry by the pandemic.

Before Covid-19 the aviation transport industry in the UAE was worth $47.4 billion USD and contributed to 13.3% of GDP in 2019. The Middle East region is expected to see the strongest return to pre-pandemic demand and will return to profitability in 2023 alongside Europe and the US.

Time is money and every Aircraft on Ground (AOG) due to a technical fault can cost an airline up to $150,000 USD an hour. It is essential to have reliable logistics to handle engine and parts movement, surface transportation, service and routine cargo, airside deliveries and time critical solutions. That's something Al-Futtaim Logistics has been striving for since 1980. 

Our research emphasizes the different factors that has been changing the aerospace and MRO industry and looking towards the future trends.

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