How to choose the best freight forwarding service provider in the UAE

What do you look for when you’re hunting for freight forwarding companies in Dubai? Do you know if you even need one? Well, if you’re planning to move a large item from one country to another, there’s a good chance that you’ll need the expertise of an international freight forwarding company to take care of all the paperwork and logistics. And that’s where Al-Futtaim Logistics comes in.

What you need when you’re looking for the best freight forwarding services is a company or agent that has the experience, the expertise, and the contacts to make moving freight easy. Whether you’re looking to transport a car abroad via sea, or want to move your worldly goods to another country by air freight, our network of contacts and agents across the globe make it possible to do so with minimal fuss and hassle.

By air, sea and land

A good international forwarder should be able to arrange transport by any one of the three main routes – air freight, sea freight, and land haulage. As the logistics of each are very different, let’s have a look at each of them in turn.


It may be the fastest way to transport goods, but it’s also the most expensive, so you need a good international forwarder who has the right contacts to find you a competitive price, as well as fast and reliable transit partners who will ship your goods quickly and effectively. The type of freight you’re sending will also have a significant bearing on the type of transport method used. So for example, hazardous goods will need an expert freight forward agent who will be able to ensure that all of the paperwork is in order, and that import licenses are signed and issued before the freight is moved.

They may also be able to advise you on various other options, such as sea/air (multimodal) combinations.

Sea freight

The vast majority of the world’s trade is moved by sea. It’s therefore essential that your clearing and freight forwarding companies in the UAE have the network of contacts to make sure your freight ends up exactly where it’s supposed to be. Look for agents who offer a wide selection of sea freight services including full container loads, partial or less-than-container loads or non-containerized loads for large items. Your clearing and forwarding agents need to be ‘on-site’, too, so look for companies that have offices in the key ports including the Dubai Cargo Village so they can instantly deal with any queries.

Road haulage

Sometimes, rather than international freight services, you need a domestic freight forwarder who can arrange transportation and logistics from one place to another within the UAE. This is usually done by road on ‘big rigs’ or container lorries. Bear in mind that even though your freight is moving within the confines of a single border (or region), there is still a great deal of paperwork to do before your freight can be transported. The best freight forwarding companies in Dubai will be able to ensure all your documentation is in place (especially if you are transporting hazardous materials), and arrange door-to-door logistics that will cut down the time it takes to move your freight.

Look for companies with experience in all aspects of logistics and transportation. It’s essential that your freight forwarders have an extensive network of contacts and who can demonstrate the ability to move freight quickly and efficiently with minimal delays at customs checks, borders, or ports.

Most of all, talk to a freight forwarding company that will listen to you and understand what you need, where you want to go, and what specific requirements you have, whether you’re a one-time private customer or a business that needs regular logistical support in moving goods all around the globe.

Then talk to Al-Futtaim Logistics, who will be able to tick all the right boxes for you. Find out more from Al-Futtaim Logistics by contacting us online