Exhibitions And Events Logistics

Exhibition forwarding services offered by Al-Futtaim Logistics include end-to-end solutions for customers participating in major trade shows throughout the Middle East. We are committed to ensuring the safe and timely onsite delivery of all exhibits, irrespective of the size and nature of the shipment.

Al-Futtaim Logistics collaborates with exhibition organizers and offer the following:

  • Customized project management
  • International reach to over 150 countries.
  • Transport process study (Multimodal, Dedicated Transport)
  • Demand planning
  • Dedicated solution team
  • Transparent communications
  • System integration


Al-Futtaim Logistics offers a wide range of services to exhibitors:



Al-Futtaim Logistics arranges the prompt pick up of materials from our customer’s warehouse (local or international). Through our extensive network, the fulfilment of customers’ requirements anywhere, at any time is consistently backed by Al-Futtaim Logistics’ quality service.




Upon collection of the shipment, Al-Futtaim Logistics plans every detail of the freight movement based on the exhibition date and time. Our dependable service support ensures swift, on time delivery.

We take care of:

  • Door to door International transport plans.
  • Delivery on site within the required deadlines




Al-Futtaim Logistics offers customs clearance support as required for customers’ shipments, from the airport or seaport. Our clearance team prioritises exhibition cargo clearing to ensure prompt delivery to the site.

Services includes:

  • Origin Export Clearance
  • Exhibition/ Temporary Import Clearance.
  • Destination Import Clearance




Al-Futtaim Logistics provides guidance/ assistance in seeking special approvals for products/materials such as medicinal, nutritional, food/food supplements, telecom/ high tech, etc… categories.




Our exhibition team provides dedicated comprehensive on-site support for exhibitors:

  • Delivery of exhibits to the stand area
  • Unpacking and packing of exhibits
  • Local provision arrangements for equipment
  • Storage of empty containers.




Our exhibition team makes all post-event arrangements for the re-export of exhibits to their origin or other required destination.