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10 February, 2014

Al-Futtaim Logistics air lifted 1800 tons of cargo from Afghanistan to Dubai, UAE in 2nd half 2013

With the troops returning from Afghanistan, Al-Futtaim Logistics has been busy engaging biggest Aircrafts to recover assets deployed in Afghanistan in 2nd half of 2013. Afghan Military operations are being scaled down prior to the ISAF forces pull-out and Al-Futtaim capitalized this market opportunity with our close associates as their preferred Logistics partners. Strategic positioning of Al-Futtaim Logistics at Sharjah and Dubai World Central airports has helped us to win over competition.

With presence in both the key airports in the UAE, ideally positioned to engage and execute the Charter Freight Operations of which we have already executed and managed well over 20 x 747 Freighters and up to 14 x AN124 Freighters exclusively on Charter basis. This is besides the smaller loads which are co-chartered with other operators and brokers.

Raman Kumar, Acting Managing Director said “2013 has been an exciting year for Al-Futtaim Logistics’ Charter operations and we see major trends continuing in this direction for 2014 as we explore other new markets and the capabilities in serving the Humanitarian NGO’s efforts in dealing with natural disasters.”